Your support can help us continue to put on our annual regatta events. 

For as little as £10 a year you can become a patron of Shaldon Regatta.

Founded in 1817 Shaldon Regatta is the oldest event of its kind held in Britain today. The programme may have changed but the principles behind the events haven't.

The aim of the Regatta is to encourage people of all ages to use the river and foreshore safely by combining a balance of 'deadly serious' races and fun events that are enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike.

Unfortunately it is expensive to put on the numerous events we run. Equipment has to be purchased and maintained and prizes allocated to the winners for more than 120 events. One way you can help us is to become a patron of Shaldon Regatta for as little as £10 a year. 

A big thank you to all our current patrons:

The Abrams Family, G.P. Allen, M.F. Annett, R.P. Ashton, J.Astbury, M. & J. Bailey, C. & K. Bell, L. Bloor, P.J. Bridge, A. Brixton, J.R. Brumwell, I. & J. Bulpin, K.F. & C.M. Butcher, S.F. Butcher, P. Canton, S.J. & M. Chilcott, G.A. Clarance, B.A. Clarke, G. Collingwood, D. & J. Collins, A, P, J & V. Collyer, Comfort-Tech, B.W. & M.J. Coup, R.J. Cumbly, R.M. & C.E. Deacon, J.M. Dopson, P.G. Edger, P. & L. Edworthy, R.J. & V.A. Edworthy, S.C. Farquhar, M.J. Fitzmaurice, P.G. Galli, G.M. Gill, G. & G. N. Golby, C. & J. Goldby, J. Heady, V.S. Hendon, C.J. Hulbert, G.J. Hulbert, R.A.B. James, Major R.E.A. James, A.H. & G.M. Jones, H. Jones, S.J. & H. King, B.M. Lalonde, G.A. & M. Lasbrey, G.C.R. Langworthy, J.W. & G.A. Lockyer, R. & J. Lovett, J.G. & A. Mann, B.D. Manning-Brown, D. & L. Mason, S. & J. McRae, P.M. Reardon, J.A. Merritt, K.J. Miller, R.C. Millichamp, J. & M. Milstead, R.E. & L.E. Mole, G.A. Murray, J.B. Nicol, G.K. Nordemann, S.E. Nordemann, J. & J. Ott, M. Palmer, A. & C. Partis, A.J. & G.M. Pengelly, J.C. Pile, Pupi's Family, M.J. Radford, J.M. & C. Rawson, J.A. Reynolds, G.H. Roberts, B.C. Robertson, S.E. Robertson, G.C. & D.M. Sales, A.M. Seattle, M.W. Seattle, M.A. Simonits, G.A. Simmons, F.J. Slocombe, R.N. Smith, Y.M. Smith, C. Stockman, D.A.B. Stoyle, R.A. Stoyle, M. Sturgess, E.P. Tatlow, C.J. Thornton, D.M. Thornton, P.A. Thornton, A. Tosio, J. Towill, J. & S. Tucker, B. Watkins, S.M. Whitelegg, S. Williams & A.Edworthy, M. Woods and A. Wright



Your support allows us to put on more than 120 fun events and maintain a fleet of boats and other equipment so anyone can take part in the regatta.

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