Monday night junior rowing starts 24 June 2019

Junior rowing sessions run for eight weeks in the lead up to Shaldon Regatta on Monday evenings

The sessions are given in our Shaldon Regatta Dinghies. These evenings are for all ages from six years old and are truly open to all. There is no elitism in our type of rowing! We want to show youngsters who may never have been in a boat how much fun they can have messing about on the water, safely, and learn a new skill.

The beginners are insrtucted on the beach first so that they know the parts of the boat, the instuctions they will be given, how to be safe in a boat and the basics of what to look for in tides, wind and weather. They then take to the water in crews of three, with a competent adult cox who will instruct them and keep them safe. They are in sight of the beach at all times and a safety boat is on the water with them. Each gets a turn at rowing in pairs, and if they are capable, on their own. 

Over the years we've seen an increasing number of our junior rowers go on to rake part in the many junior races in Regatta. We look forward to seeing even more familiar faces this year! 

Come to Shaldon beach, near the ferry shelter to register from 6pm.  The cost is £1 per child per session. All equipment, including life jackets is provided. Come along and give it a go!

We ask that parents stay on the beach while their child rows. It is hoped that many will turn up early to help get the kit ready and help with organisation and cleaning a storage afterwards. 

We hope the youngsters who take part will be encouraged to come along and have a go at rowing in the many Junior rowing races during Shaldon Regatta.

Debbie Saunders leads the sessions with her regular crew of organisers, helpers and coxes but we always need more! So if you'd like to get involved please contact Debbie  07786023407.

For the first time this year we held practice races for our juniors in the penultimate junior rowing session which proved to be highly contested and a lot of fun. They were then treated to a rescue display by the RNLI and allowed to explore the lifeboat, chat to the lifeboat men and try on their helmets. A great evening!