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79 - 87 Motor boat and rowing races

  • Entries will be taken at the committee stand between 1pm and 2pm only

  • All competitors must abide by the harbour speed limit of 6 knots at all times

  • All competitors must wear a life jacket at all times

  • Disqualification will follow if any competitor is found to be exceeding this speed limit or not wearing a life jacket

  • All competitors must operate 'dead man's throttles' where fitted

  • No holding of other boats or throwing of water allowed

  • Racing to cease immediately if black flag is shown

  • No inflatable boats allowed. Regatta type dinghies only

  • Entry fee £1 per boat

79 Pegasus Cup. Mens two pair oars, must carry a cox on the stern seat

80 Popkin Trophy. Ladies two pair oars, must carry a cox on the stern seat

81 Galli Trophy. Nags Race. Husband and wife or bonafide partners

82 Jack Matthews Trophy to first Seagull home. Handicap for Seagull and other outboard motors up to 2.5 HP

83 Outboard motors 2.6-5 HP

84 John Player Trophy. Row and motor up to 5 HP

85 Pursuit race up to 5 HP

86 Old Characters Trophy. Rowing relay for teams of two men and two women

87 Paddle and bottom-board Trophy. Paddle and bottom-board race. Max crew of six people

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73 - 78 Kayaks
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88 Treasure hunt by boat